CLEVELAND, Ohio — The School Bus Safety Co. (SBSC) has completed the development of a new leadership training program.

“Safety Leadership for School Bus Operations” is a self-directed educational course for directors of transportation, managers, supervisors and trainers. It is delivered on a computer through a series of interactive CD-ROMs.

The program has six units, providing five hours of instruction, followed by a 60-question final exam. Topics covered include “Accidents and Why People Have Them,” “Understanding Human Behavior,” “Leadership Principles,” “Leadership Techniques” and “Behavior-Based Safety.”

“Going through this course ensures that every leader in the transportation department knows how to ensure safe practices are followed in transporting students,” SBSC President Jeff Cassell said.

Elements of the program will be integrated into the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT)’s Professional Development Series.

“The course explains why people have accidents and how leaders can prevent them from happening,” NAPT Executive Director Mike Martin said. “By creating safety norms, leaders are able to influence the behavior of their drivers to achieve better results.”

Student Transportation Inc. has reviewed the new course and purchased 140 copies to use in all of the company’s locations.

Patrick Vaughan, Student Transportation Inc.’s chief operating officer, described the program as “an invaluable training tool that educates our managers how through their involvement and leadership, they can significantly reduce unsafe behaviors and unsafe conditions in the workplace.”

The course is available from SBSC for $2,500 plus shipping costs. To order, e-mail Kelly Turner or Janet Greer, or call (866) 275-7272.