GATES COUNTY, N.C. — Terence Reid Jr., an 8-year-old student at Buckland Elementary School, helped save his bus driver’s life last month when he noticed she was having a medical event and radioed for help, WAVY reports.

Janice Knight-White was driving the afternoon route when she lost feeling in her right foot, and soon after, the right side of her body went numb, according to the news outlet. Knight-White told WAVY she couldn’t lift her arm or speak, so she pulled the bus over to the side of the road.

Reid realized there was a problem, stood up and yelled out to her. Knight-White was only able to say the word “sick” and handed Reid the bus radio with her left hand. Reid repeated “Ms. Knight is sick” into the radio until a school resource officer from the Gates County Sheriff’s Department responded and asked for their location, according to WAVY. Reid was able to direct law enforcement to their location and EMTs arrived to transport Knight-White to a hospital. She spent a few days in the hospital, and has returned to work at the school.

Knight-White told the news outlet that Reid is “one of the kids on the bus who I knew could take charge.” Ed Webb, one of the sheriffs who heard the call, told WAVY his department will honor Reid at the Board of Education meeting on Monday with an Outstanding Citizen award.

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