FAYETTE, Iowa — A police chief here was cited for illegally passing a school bus, was placed on leave, and resigned weeks later, although officials have not confirmed whether the resignation is related to the citation.

Fayette Police Chief Brad Gardner received a ticket from the Fayette County Sheriff's Office for unlawful passing of a school bus on Nov. 4, KWWL reports.

Gardner resigned on Monday, Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier reports. Fayette Mayor Andrew Wenthe confirmed Gardner had been placed on leave, but didn't elaborate. It was unclear if the ticket caused Gardner to be placed on leave or if there were other circumstances, according to KWWL.

Roberta Schlitter, a bus driver with the North Fayette Valley School District, reported Gardner passed the bus at 2:40 p.m., and that two special-needs children were deboarding the bus at the time, according to KWWL. According to Schlitter’s report, she had turned on the red lights and had the stop arm of the bus out. She looked in the mirror and saw a police vehicle pass the bus, so she left the bus and confirmed the bus’ red lights were flashing. Students still aboard the bus witnessed the incident.

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