SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Transfinder Corp. is offering its routing and logistics software free to Santa Claus this Christmas Eve in an effort create the most efficient toy-delivery route to each and every boy and girl.

Antonio Civitella, Transfinder’s president and CEO, said Transfinder’s implementation team would be at the ready should Santa accept the offer this season, helping elves geocode each new child born since last Christmas as well as updating addresses, like Timmy’s move to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Suzy’s relocation to Lenawee County, Michigan.

“As Transfinder continues to expand into new markets besides the K-12 market, what could be more critical than ensuring Saint Nick makes it on time to all his stops this Christmas Eve,” Civitella said. “In some ways, helping Santa is helping our existing client base: children. We know these routes very well as thousands of school bus drivers across the country can attest. We know where the blind spots and the angry dogs are.”

Civitella noted, however, that Santa would have to review his own naughty/nice list — and check it twice. Transfinder software will only commit to providing Santa the most accurate information on where each child lives, geocoding each home based on parcel/map points — where the rooftop actually is — rather than address ranges that could cost Santa both time and accuracy, resulting in gifts being dropped in empty lots and fields.

“Christmas is too important to rely on the old pin-and-string method of routing,” Civitella said.

In addition to using Transfinder’s Routefinder Pro product to determine the most efficient route and navigate around any potential hazards, Transfinder will provide access to its Busfinder product, dubbed Sleighfinder on this occasion, to schedule and plan his busy travel day. Instead of transportation departments using the software in concert with GPS tracking technology to monitor school bus routes, Sleighfinder will give elves (and possibly Mrs. Claus) a look at Santa’s path to determine how fast he’s traveling and if he’s on schedule, evaluate his stop and load times per chimney and see if he has missed any stops.

Santa’s planned route could later be compared with the actual route he took to improve efficiencies for Christmas Eve 2015 – and adjust for Santa’s cookies and milk intake.

Transfinder’s Servicefinder solution will also be made available in case any maintenance is needed on the sleigh not just on Christmas Eve but in preparation for future Christmas Eves. Servicefinder is designed to help manage parts inventory, schedule technicians and repair jobs, and control worker – or elf – overtime, company officials said.

“Santa’s moving into the 21st century,” Civitella said. “We’d be happy to help take him there.”

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