News stories that attracted the most traffic on this year covered such topics as school bus stop-arm cameras, driver union dues and a bus stop dog attack.

Here are the five most-viewed news items of the year, with links to the full stories.

1. Texas district to equip buses with stop-arm cameras
The Georgetown Independent School District partnered with police and a road safety camera provider to crack down on illegal passing of school buses. A statewide survey in Texas the previous year found nearly 10,000 instances of stop-arm running in one day.

2. School bus drivers sue to stop paying union dues
The five drivers from an Arkansas school district sought to refrain from union membership and dues. Union officials reportedly denied the drivers’ requests, saying that they could only resign their union membership during a 15-day “window period” in July.

3. Dog bites girl in face at school bus stop
The girl was with her mother as they waited for a school bus to arrive at their stop in Desert Hot Springs, California. The dog, an intact husky mix that was about 2 years old, bit the girl in the face at least once, possibly twice.

4. New contractor takes over bus service at Massachusetts district
After the shutdown of Atlantic Express, Hudson Public Schools contracted with North Reading Transportation to provide school bus service for the rest of the school year. The superintendent told parents that the district was “working hard to help ensure the smoothest of transitions.”

5. New bus depot to save district $400K in fuel, driver pay
Sarasota County Schools built the depot in North Port, Florida, which the transportation director said reduced the number of empty miles the drivers had been traveling from the old depot to their first and last pickups of the day.