BENSALEM, Pa. — Michael Shelly, the 18-year-old man accused of fatally striking 16-year-old Minete Zeka last month as she walked to her stopped school bus, was arraigned last week on several charges, including homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangering, The Morning Call reports.

In court documents, Bensalem police pointed to Shelly's failure to clear his front windshield and rear windows before operating his 1984 Ford Bronco II as a contributing factor in the Dec. 17 accident that killed the girl, according to the newspaper.

Court documents state that a subsequent investigation determined the school bus was stopped just before the crosswalk with its red warning lights flashing, stop arm activated and crossing arm extended, according to The Morning Call. The bus driver told police he activated the flashing lights 200 feet before stopping at the crosswalk.

Court documents also state that in addition to the broken defrosters, Shelly’s truck had a broken speedometer, a clogged heater port and oversized tires that slide in the rain, according to the newspaper. Among the criminal charges that Shelly faces are summary offenses for driving an unregistered vehicle, displaying a fictitious inspection sticker and operating a vehicle without insurance, The Morning Call reports.

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