LANCASTER, Ohio — A new law that takes effect in March will effectively end the use of cameras for traffic enforcement at red lights, but a last-minute exemption was added to allow the continued use of school bus stop-arm cameras, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette reports.

The law, passed last month, regulates statewide use of traffic camera devices at red lights and requires a police officer to be present for camera-issued citations, according to the newspaper. However, school buses were exempted from that requirement.

Lancaster City Schools Superintendent Steve Wigton told Lancaster Eagle-Gazette that bus drivers have reported an improvement in other drivers’ actions after stop-arm cameras were installed. Prior to adding those cameras, the city had placed police officers on buses, patrolled behind buses and gave bus drivers hand-held cameras to record violations, but those efforts didn't seem to work.

School and law enforcement authorities then decided to use stop-arm cameras on the driver’s side of school buses, according to Lancaster Eagle-Gazette. Six buses were equipped with the cameras after a video survey of the routes was conducted to determine which were the most dangerous.

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