DANVILLE, Pa. — The Danville Area School District honored bus driver Ronda Shultz for her quick thinking at the scene of a car accident in front of one of her bus stops last month, The Daily Item reports.

Shultz was one of the first people on the scene at a bus stop on Dec. 8, after a girl at the stop was hit by a car, according to the newspaper. She realized the only place emergency vehicles could park was her bus stop, and she had to get the students on the bus away from the scene quickly and safely to make room for an ambulance, she told The Daily Item.

Shultz deviated from driving the part of her route that would have had her circle back around the accident scene, the newspaper reports. She called the students’ schools to request school counselors be available for students from the stop as soon as they got off the bus; went to the emergency room after she finished her route to talk to the girl’s parents and let them know she was there if they needed anything; and, in the following weeks, gave get well cards made by the students on her bus to the family, according to The Daily Item.

Shultz was recognized for her efforts by Cheryl Latorre, the district’s superintendent, who named her the “Bus Driver of the Month” during the Jan. 13 meeting of the Danville school board, according to the newspaper. Shultz told the newspaper she was just doing her job and “would hope the rest of our drivers in our district would have done the same as I did.”

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