PHOENIX — Masonlane announced the Sunray, a pupil logistics and operations management cloud-based application, is using Software as a Service (SaaS) to drive costs down.

By using the SaaS cloud-based model, expenses that are passed on to the customer are kept low, company officials said. Masonlane does this by utilizing a cloud-based data center, where it is able to leverage technology to produce, integrate and support an enterprise-level application.

“Using the SaaS Cloud model, we can offer Sunray at $595 annually, and easily cover operational expenditures.  It’s a win-win for everyone,” said Craig Mason, CEO of Masonlane. “We noticed in the private sector that SaaS products are everywhere, and people are able to purchase and use awesome applications that were very expensive in the past. We wanted to bring the same opportunity to the educational sector, and we’ve done that with Sunray.”

Another benefit of using the SaaS model for the Sunray application is the ability to provide an automated and easy to use purchasing process by using a web page registration and purchasing form. Users fill out the registration web form, click the submit button, receive a confirmation and login credentials via email, and the application is ready to use.

“Cloud computing levels the playing field and opens the door for new innovation and change for the better,” Mason said.

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