TEMPE, Ariz. — American Traffic Solutions (ATS) now has another partner, in addition to AngelTrax, contributing to its school bus stop-arm camera enforcement solution: Radio Engineering Industries (REI).

The partnership now provides school districts with the option of choosing REI or AngelTrax hardware based on the districts' relationships and program goals, said Charles Territo, vice president of communications for ATS.

CrossingGuard, ATS’ school bus stop-arm technology, is designed to help school districts address the problem of drivers illegally passing stopped school buses with a camera system that automatically detects if a vehicle passes the stopped school bus while the stop arm is extended. Images of a vehicle’s license plate and a video that captures the entire violation event provide law enforcement with the evidence they need to effectively prosecute these violations, company officials said.

“REI has been developing products for the school bus industry for the last 25 years,” said James Tuton, ATS CEO. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to partner with an industry leader that shares our commitment to customer service.”

“REI is thrilled to partner with ATS, the leading experts in stop-arm enforcement, to further safety for students and communities,” said Scott Hays, president of REI. “Together, we are delivering the industry’s most advanced and reliable automatic stop-arm violation detection equipment and resources, which minimizes the staff hours required by school districts and law enforcement.”  

ATS hopes to have the opportunity to work with other hardware manufacturers and integrate their technologies in the future, Territo added.

To date, ATS customers in Georgia, Maryland, Virginia and Texas are seeing a decrease in stop-arm running violations, company officials said. In Cobb County, Georgia, there were 1,300 violations issued in August of 2013. In April of 2014, the number was 767, a 41% decrease. Similarly, an ATS analysis found less than 1% of drivers who receive one ticket get a second citation. Both results indicate the safety camera programs are gaining drivers’ attention and influencing their behavior, officials added.

To view the online report or a video of school bus stop arm violations, visit www.atscrossingguard.com.

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