SOMERTON, Ariz. — On Tuesday, about 20 Gadsden Elementary School District #22 students were confined to their school bus by a swarm of bees until firefighters rescued them, Yuma Sun reports.

Robby Rodriguez, a spokesman for the Somerton/Cocopah Fire Department, told the newspaper that at about 12:15 p.m. a district employee came into the fire station and said a large number of bees had gathered on the right side of the bus' engine compartment near the door, and that the bus, which had stopped across the street from the fire station, was dropping off students, but they couldn't leave without getting stung, according to Yuma Sun.

Firefighters ran a hose over to the bus and sprayed it with a foam solution to get rid of the bees, the newspaper reports. Once the bees had been removed, the bus driver drove over to the fire station and firefighters washed off the foam. The students were taken home soon afterward, and Rodriguez told Yuma Sun none of the students trapped inside the bus were stung.

Rodriguez added that the bees may have been trying to build a hive inside the bus’ engine compartment.

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