NEWPORT, N.C. — Police have identified a person of interest in the burning of two school buses here on Sunday night.

The Newport Police Department, working with school officials, pinpointed a juvenile suspect through interviews and examination of evidence. Police officials said in a news release that it appears the suspect was acting alone at the time of the incident.

On Sunday night, police and fire personnel responded to Newport Elementary School, where they found one school bus with its front end fully engulfed in flames and a second bus with a smaller interior fire.

Carteret County Public Schools officials said that the first bus appeared to be totaled, and the second bus was heavily damaged. There was also an apparent attempt to set a third bus on fire, but no damage occurred.

In an update on Monday afternoon, the Newport Police Department said investigators determined that the fires were started with matches and available ignition sources on the buses, such as tissues and paper towels.

Police said that because the incident was still under investigation, and because the suspect is a juvenile, no additional information could be released.

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