DAVENPORT, N.Y. — A school superintendent here has been accused by two school bus drivers of illegally passing a stopped school bus with children aboard last week, The Daily Star reports.

Mark Dupra, the superintendent of Charlotte Valley Central School District, was accused by Fred Utter, the superintendent of the Davenport town highway department, who also works as a part-time bus driver for the district, of allegedly driving past a school bus and disregarding stop signals and flashing lights as children were being let off the bus, according to the newspaper.

Utter contacted The Daily Star and alleged that Dupra violated the law. He added that he did not witness the event, but got his information from the bus driver behind the wheel, Tony Bruno, according to the newspaper.

Dupra told The Daily Star the bus’ lights were flashing yellow when he passed it, that the stop in question is not safe because it is difficult to see the bus, and that he had discussed the incident with the bus driver. Bruno told the newspaper his bus had its red lights flashing when Dupra, traveling eastbound, passed the westbound bus. Bruno and Utter told The Daily Star they believe the bus stop provides oncoming drivers with plenty of visibility.

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