FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — Some of the YouTube videos created by Erick Vandersnick, who works in sales at Northwest Bus Sales, not only sell buses but also reach out to kids with special needs who are school bus fans, Federal Way Mirror reports.

Vandersnick started the "shout-outs" after receiving an email from Heather Magan, who said her son Xander has autism and would look up videos of buses. She told Vandersnick that Xander watched his videos and loved them, according to the newspaper. In response, Vandersnick not only gave a shout-out to the boy in one of his school bus tour videos, but also named the bus and video “Xander’s Bus.” He told Federal Way Mirror that the March 11, 2014, video got a lot of response on YouTube.

Vandersnick did more shout-outs for others after getting more requests for them from children, teenagers, and adults with special needs, and has received positive feedback for them, according to Federal Way Mirror.

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View the video Vandersnick made for Xander below.

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