LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. — A school bus driver and bus aide on a special-needs route here are being recognized for saving the life of a student’s father recently, reports.

Twin sisters Dianne Moore, the bus driver, and JoAnn Clinard, the bus aide, dropped off a student at her stop on May 18, and noticed that the student’s father was not waiting there for her as expected, Rusty Bates, Limestone County School District’s director of transportation, told the news source. They escorted the student to the front door of her home, knocked, found the door unlocked and heard groaning inside, Bates added.

Clinard took the student back to the bus and Moore opened the door, found the student’s father lying on the ground, called his wife and told her to get help. He was rushed to the hospital and is recovering after having spent time in intensive care, Bates told Officials told the news source that he might have died if he hadn’t been found in time.

Bates told that he is proud of Moore and Clinard, and that although their story has drawn a lot of media attention, they “feel they were only doing their jobs.” He added that the two will receive commendations from the superintendent at the next school board meeting.

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