NEW YORK — A 6-year-old student with autism ran from his school bus after he deboarded and was found safe dozens of blocks away, CBS New York reports.

Deion Baskerville’s bus stopped at his school, but he ran away from the entrance, according to the news source. The bus driver told CBS New York that he did not try to chase Baskerville because he is supposed to stay behind the wheel. The bus aide told the news source that she tried to catch up with the boy, who was eventually found more than 30 blocks away from his school by police with help from tips from people who spotted him.

Baskerville told CBS New York he was window shopping for toys and wanted to buy “Spiderman, and the Hulk, and Ironman, and Captain America, and Wolverine.”

The mother has questioned why her son was not escorted to the school, according to the news source. The New York Department of Education told CBS New York the incident is under investigation.

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