PHOENIX — Masonlane announced that the Sunray, a pupil logistics and operations management cloud-based application, now includes new features and functionality: Independent Shell (iShell) modularity and GPS tracking capabilities with Followmee.

iShell allows for the creation of any desired work area, with no restrictions or additional costs. The iShell concept, developed by Masonlane, allows Sunray account holders to set up unlimited independent work areas for the current school year, forecasting for the next school year, field trips and activities, and simulation modes, each within their own unique locations within the database, company officials said.

For example, the current school year containing students, bus routes and stops, and school and district zones, etc., are contained in one area, named iShell 1. Meanwhile, planning for the next year with students, bus routes and stops, and school and district zones, etc., are located in another separate area, named iShell 2. Data for iShell 1 and iShell 2 reside in their own locations within the database and are not shared or affected by the other. Additionally, each iShell has its own dashboard view, which provides graphs, charts, and statistics, as well as an easy way to move from iShell to iShell by selecting from a list, according to the company.

“We’re really excited about being able to offer the Independent Shell (iShell) feature to schools and districts, as it allows them to create and work with virtually any type of environment that suits their needs,” said Craig Mason, CEO of Masonlane. “There is no need to purchase extra modules or pay for additional features. Our price of $595 annually is the total cost of Sunray and includes everything.”

Masonlane also integrated Followmee’s GPS tracking application under its fleet management section into the Sunray application, which lets users track school buses displayed on maps in the smartphone app via GPS. In addition, the Followmee application is independent of Sunray and offers the option for its own management system, company officials said.

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