MACON COUNTY, N.C. — The actions of a school bus driver prevented a possible shooting at an elementary school here last week, ABC 13 reports.

On Thursday morning, bus driver Alice Bradley spotted a couple, Adam Conley and Kathryn Jeter, headed toward her bus and Conley allegedly pointed a gun at her, according to the news source. Bradley drove her car toward him, the two ran away and she called 911, according to a press conference on the incident, ABC 13 reports. Shots were fired outside South Macon Elementary School at about 5:30 that morning, and school was canceled for the day.

Conley and Jeter were arrested after pulling a gun on a deputy and refusing to drop the weapon. A loaded pistol was found on Bradley’s bus in the front seat, and at least five guns were found on the couple, Sheriff Robert Holland said in a press conference. He added that the suspects said they would have started shooting teachers and students because it was "God's will." A cat was also found shot and stabbed on the campus. Holland added that marijuana was found on the couple and they were “on something.”

The pair faces felony charges that include attempted murder and are being held on a $1 million bond, according to ABC 13.

Bradley is being called a hero for her quick actions, ABC 13 reports. Holland said her actions possibly prevented “something much worse.” Parents are also calling Bradley a hero, but she said she only did what anyone else would do.

A press release from Macon County Schools said that the incident “was not a textbook event that one can prepare for” and district officials will apply what was learned from this event “to handle future emergency events more efficiently.”

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