WASHINGTON, D.C. — More than 10,000 veterans and active-duty personnel have taken advantage of a federal program that helps them obtain a civilian commercial driver’s license (CDL).

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Military Skills Test Waiver Program, launched in 2011, allows state licensing agencies to waive the skills test portion of the CDL application for active-duty or recently separated veterans who have at least two years of safe driving experience operating a military truck or bus.

Officials said that waiving the skills test expedites the civilian CDL application process, and it reduces expenses for qualified individuals and operating costs for state licensing agencies.

In the first three years of the Military Skills Test Waiver Program, about 6,000 former military personnel obtained a civilian CDL. In the past 12 months alone, another 4,000 individuals, including Reserves, National Guard and U.S. Coast Guard service members, have taken advantage of the program.

“It is our duty to help returning veterans transition into civilian life, and I am proud that so many have used this program to secure careers in the transportation sector,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said. “Just as important, we want to put their valuable skills and experience to work driving the nation’s economy.”

For more information on the program, go here.

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