GREENVILLE, S.C. — Greenville County Schools recently recognized 46 school bus drivers and aides for perfect attendance in the entire 2014-15 school year.

The drivers and aides were honored at the district’s in-service meetings this month, and they got to take part in drawings for gift cards and prizes, which were donated by local sponsors.

Greenville also recognizes bus personnel for perfect attendance each quarter of the school year.

Along with earning coupons for free items (food, drinks, etc.), these drivers and aides get a certificate signed by the director of transportation, and their names are displayed on a sign in each of the district’s bus centers.

“We are constantly seeking ways to motivate and reward our drivers and aides,” said Teena Mitchell, Greenville’s manager of special-needs

transportation. “Our drivers and aides seem to enjoy and look forward to the freebies and are proud that their names are posted in the bus centers.”

Perfect-attendance driver Gayle Hilton concurred: “It means more to me than a raise when my supervisor or manager recognizes the job I do and the effort I put forth.”

Here are the Greenville drivers and aides who had perfect attendance in 2014-15: Gerald Alexander, Joseph Scanzelli, Stephen McKelder, Nancy Austin, Aaron Kelly, Alice Nowikowski, Brittany Phillips, Janie Brown, Vince Kiselica, Linda Wilson, Myron Vaughan, Michelle Close, Nicole Painter, Tim Hedgepath, Janice Bush, Gayle Hilton, Tina Pike, Kendrick Scott, Jane Belgrave, Sandra Preston, Elvin Sullivan, Carol Whidden, Beverly Hart, Harold Bell, Tracy Crawford, Sara Wilson, Mary Steele, Amy Espittia, Joyce Ladson, Lorene Green, Wanda Watson, Miles Goldsmith, Dianne Rainey, James Caldwell, Elizabeth Flores, Jerry Goodwin, Joe Price, Kevin Dale, Mary Godfrey, Walter Ponder, Deanna Brabo, Lashona Graham, Carolyn Parker, Dawn McCallops, Martavious Hill and Josephine Burgess.

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