CARBON COUNTY, Pa. — A school bus driver here is facing over 50 misdemeanor counts for an incident in March in which she allegedly slamming on the brakes of a bus to get the attention of unruly students, Standard Speaker reports.

Arrest records state that Summit Hill Police Chief Joseph Fittos received complaints about a school bus driver intentionally braking hard to get the attention of some students, according to the newspaper. He found out the school was investigating the incident and that several of the 23 students aboard the bus suffered injuries and were examined by a school nurse.

Court papers state that bus driver Rebecca Nicholas asked the students to calm down, and when they refused, she stopped the bus abruptly by forcefully applying the brakes, according to Standard Speaker. Arrest papers state that the students told police that after Nicholas slammed on the brakes she warned them that maybe next time they would listen and pay attention, the newspaper reports.

Nicholas was charged with 24 counts each of child endangerment and reckless endangerment, and eight counts of simple assault, Standard Speaker reports. The charges were filed against Nicholas on Aug. 12 once police completed the investigation. Arrest records state that Nicholas denied applying the brakes to get the students’ attention, according to the newspaper. Fittos told Standard Speaker that Nicholas is no longer employed by Panther Valley School District.

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