STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A school bus used for transporting students with special needs to and from school was vandalized earlier this month, Staten Island Advance reports.

Bus driver Vladimir Krivorot found his employer’s bus, which he uses to transport two students to and from school five days a week, with nearly every window broken or shattered on Sept. 4, according to the newspaper. Krivorot had parked the bus in front of a church, and police said the vandalism occurred at around 10 p.m., Staten Island Advance reports.

Krivorot told the newspaper that he found rocks inside the bus while he was cleaning up the glass the following day, and that no one witnessed the incident. A spokesman for the New York Police Department told Staten Island Advance that police have not identified a suspect. Although the church and school bus have exterior surveillance cameras, the police said no video was captured of the incident, Krivorot told the newspaper.

Krivorot also told Staten Island Advance that the police told him the school bus was illegally parked on the street overnight. The state of New York prohibits school buses from parking overnight on city streets, according to the newspaper.  

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