JACKSON, Wyo. — A school district here recently addressed confusion among parents over policies concerning what objects are allowed on school buses, stating that some, including lacrosse sticks, are always prohibited, Jackson Hole News & Guide reports.

Teton County School District Transportation Director Ed Ahlum told the newspaper that he received phone calls from parents who have children who play lacrosse, and said that the sticks are a safety hazard because they can’t be placed across a student’s lap and restrained while they are riding the bus. He added that there is the potential danger that large or heavy objects could move and severely injure students in an accident.

Renee Glick, who has two children who play the sport, told Jackson Hole & Guide that the ban on lacrosse sticks makes it inconvenient for her and her children, that it seems like the list of prohibited objects changes each year, and that last year the bus driver said the equipment was allowed as long as it was in a protective bag.  

Brad Barker, the district’s chief operating officer, told the newspaper that Glick’s frustrations, and possibly other parents’ confusion, stems from the fact that bus drivers are responsible for administering and interpreting the district’s bus rules; however, students are not allowed to bring lacrosse sticks on the bus, regardless of the circumstances. He added that the school district has considered storing lacrosse sticks and other large objects in a locker installed in the bus.

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