MOUNT PLEASANT, Wis. — A young school bus passenger sprang into action to help his ailing driver, who credited the boy with saving her life, The Racine Journal Times reports.

On Oct. 1, Daquisha Adams suffered an asthma attack while driving her school bus, according to the newspaper. She reportedly hadn't had an attack in years, and she didn't have an inhaler with her.

The Racine Journal Times reports that Adams was able to stop the bus, and then 9-year-old Jayden Jaramillo quickly went to the front and radioed the bus company, Durham School Services, about the emergency. With Jayden's direction, Durham got an ambulance to the location of the bus, and Adams was taken to the hospital.

“He saved my life, in all reality,” Adams told The Racine Journal Times. “He’s a very courageous little boy.”

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Staff Writer