RICHMOND, Texas — Three students have been arrested for allegedly assaulting their school bus driver here on Monday.

According to ABC13, the Lamar Central Independent School District students are accused of attacking the driver, 67-year-old Herman Brown, after he asked them to move to the front of the bus because they were causing trouble.

Brown’s daughter, Shannen Brown, told the news source that the three students “were jumping on my dad, they were kicking him in his head, kicking him all over. He had to go to the emergency room.”

Officials said that the school bus driver pulled out a pocket knife to try to get the students to back off, but he didn’t use it. The school district allows its bus drivers to carry pocket knives with blades that are less than 5.5 inches long, ABC13 reports.

The students face charges of aggravated assault. The school bus driver has not been charged in the incident.

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