LAFAYETTE, Ind. — The Tippecanoe School Corp. (TSC) is testing Here Comes the Bus, a school bus tracking website and app.

The district is currently offering the program to families with children attending Wainwright Middle School, James Cole Elementary School and Dayton Elementary School.

Here Comes the Bus, created by Synovia Solutions, is designed to let parents view real-time tracking of their child’s bus.

Online, parents can set a perimeter around their home from a few blocks away to up to 2 miles. As soon as the bus enters that area, they get an alert on their phone, tablet or computer that the bus is close. The website and app aim to provide a way for parents to send their child to the bus stop at the right time to avoid missing the bus or waiting in the rain or freezing temperatures.

The program is free to all TSC patrons.

“Parents create their own password-protected account with their child’s school ID number, which makes it safe and secure,” said Greg Haltom, TSC transportation director. “No one can track the child’s bus without that information.”

“We live down a long lane, so when I get the alert I send the kids out and know they won’t be waiting long,” parent Kim Pucka said. “I think the app is great. It will be a big help in the winter when it’s really cold.”

Based on the positive response to the pilot, the TSC transportation department will offer the program to the district's other schools this fall.

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