SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A school bus driver here is being recognized by her school district for her quick response to downed power lines caused by a fatal plane crash on Tuesday, the Akron Beacon Journal reports.

Sandy Jett, a bus driver for Springfield Local School District, had eight students on board when she spotted a black cloud of smoke and “ball of fire” while driving on her afternoon route, according to the newspaper. About 1,000 feet ahead on her left side, she saw a building engulfed in flames, and a man running away from a fallen power line, and then a power line fell in front of her bus.

As smoke was coming toward the bus, Jett put the bus in reverse and radioed a dispatcher for a safer route to her next assignment. Jett told the Akron Beacon Journal that a student then went to the back of the bus and offered directions as she backed up, and a man on the roadway stopped cars and had them back up and directed Jett backward until there was enough room for her to turn around and drive another way.  

Jett hadn’t seen the plane and did not know about the plane crash, in which all nine passengers aboard were killed, until she was directed out of the area, according to the newspaper. Jett’s supervisor commended her for turning the bus around, and preventing the students from seeing the accident and keeping them calm. District Superintendent Charles Sincere told the Akron Beacon Journal that the school board would recognize the bus driver and dispatcher for how they handled the situation.

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