QUEENS COUNTY, Prince Edward Island — Enforcement action around school bus stops here last month seems to have resonated with drivers, according to police.

The initiative was spurred by a video that showed illegal passing of a school bus in Brookfield. In response, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)’s Queens District sent four unmarked police cars to observe the situation on Nov. 5.

The unmarked cars were positioned in front of and behind the school bus, following it as it picked up children along a highway. In one hour, the RCMP cited eight motorists, including one for passing a school bus and four for speeding.

The driver who was charged with passing a school bus was issued a $1,000 ticket and eight demerit points.

“The passing of a school bus is inexcusable,” Queens District Commander Staff Sgt. Mark Crowther said. “This is about the safety of our children, and drivers need to understand the gravity of what [is] happening here. Drivers failing to stop in these situations put our children's lives in danger.”

The RCMP also encouraged motorists to report incidents of passing a school bus to police.

On Nov. 26, the RCMP Queens District followed up by sending another five unmarked vehicles to cover several school bus routes in the county, including the route identified earlier in the month.

Police found that the earlier enforcement initiative appeared to have had an impact: No stop-arm violations were observed. However, speeding continued to be a problem, particularly on arterial highways, and nine citations were issued for that offense in a one-hour period.

RCMP reminded motorists to slow down, especially with the approach of winter driving conditions.

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