News stories that attracted the most traffic on this year covered such topics as student tracking, illegal passing and a new stop-arm extender.

Here are the five most-viewed news items of the year, with links to the full stories.

1. District to roll out student swipe card system on school buses
When boarding the bus, Kearney (Neb.) Public Schools students tap an ID card on a card reader, and the bus driver can see the student’s photo and assigned stop on a tablet.

2. 9-year-old struck by car passing school bus
The boy was dragged 80 feet and knocked unconscious when he was hit by a car while crossing the street in Lakewood, New Jersey, in January.

3. Stop-arm extender aims to block bus passing
In April, Guilford County (N.C.) Schools began testing a mechanical arm with an extra stop sign that extends 6 feet from the side of the bus — into the next lane of traffic.

4. Police: School bus driver in fatal crash was texting
Investigators found that school bus driver James Davenport was distracted by texting during the time leading up to the Dec. 2 crash that killed three. Davenport died on June 1.

5. School bus driver’s international route includes multiple customs visits
Every school day, Dale Westover, a driver for Warroad (Minn.) Public Schools, travels to and from Canada and checks in with U.S. and Canada customs several times.