TAMPA, Fla. — An attorney for a school bus driver whose bus careened into a pond in September pleaded not guilty on the driver’s behalf to a charge of careless driving last week, WFLA reports.

Hillsborough County deputies said that on Sept. 17, the driver, Lenoir Sainfimin, was speeding when he tried to hit the brakes, but also stepped on the accelerator and drove the bus into a pond with 27 students on board. No one was seriously injured, but students had to swim to safety with help from the driver, fellow students and others who responded to the scene.

Sainfimin said at the time of the incident that he was stepping on the brakes, but couldn’t stop the bus. However, investigators didn’t find any problems with the brakes, and the vehicle’s records didn’t show any related problems, according to police and district officials. Sainfimin was fired for the incident

Sainfimin’s attorney also asked to subpoena unedited surveillance video from the bus, according to WFLA. The only video footage the attorneys and the media received cuts off after Sainfimin fumbles and before the bus plunges into the pond, the news source reports. Sainfimin’s next court date is March 1.

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