BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — Three teenage students helped avert a potential tragedy on their school bus on Wednesday by intervening when the bus driver suffered a medical emergency at the wheel, MyCentralJersey reports.

At about 7:35 a.m., the bus driver became unresponsive while driving the students to school, according to the news source. The students started shouting that he had missed the turnoff to the school, and the bus continued to travel down the road, swerving until it slowed at a red light.

Then, students Gavin Costello, Angelo Mel-Tos and Kala Wright approached the bus driver. Costello tried to give the bus driver directions, but the driver couldn’t look up or talk. Costello then put the bus in park, Mel-Tos took the keys, and Wright opened the door to let the students out, MyCentralJersey reports. Police arrived on the scene and took the bus driver, who was in stable condition, to the hospital, according to the news source. No students were harmed in the incident.

The superintendent for Somerset County Vocational & Technical Schools described the students as very focused, “with a can-do attitude,” and said that the school is proud of them, according to the news source.

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