WALL, N.J. — Student Transportation of America Inc. (STA), a subsidiary of Student Transportation Inc., has been awarded new contracts that will add approximately $10.5 million in annual revenue to its existing base of operations in the greater Los Angeles area.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) awarded STA a five-year contract beginning July 1, with a renewal option for routes that are being added to the district’s transportation system. The contract features a fleet of 68 new propane-powered, wheelchair lift-equipped buses that will operate from a new location within the LAUSD boundaries. STA currently operates over 230 vehicles under various long-term contracts with the district.

“LAUSD was asking for new, specialized equipment for added service requirements. We have an excellent relationship with them, so it was great to be chosen for the new contract,” said Don Kissell, senior vice president of operations for STA in the western region. “We were able to secure pricing above our existing rates, which is a good sign, and also will look to see about locking in fuel at the current low rates.”

STA was also chosen as the transportation provider for a three-and-a-half year contract with the Porter Ranch community near Los Angeles as of Jan. 12. This contract came about as a result of national news stories regarding a leaking underground natural gas well in Porter Ranch, with residents having to be relocated, and two LAUSD schools being closed due to respiratory health concerns. In mid-December, LAUSD put out a rapid emergency procurement request for buses to transport students from Porter Ranch to schools in other areas. The local STA team rose to the occasion and offered eight buses immediately to help, and was chosen a week later for the multi-year contract.

Additionally, STA has been selected to provide services to North Los Angeles County Regional Center (NLACRC) with 38 routes beginning July 1 for a five-year contract period. NLACRC is one of 21 private, nonprofit organizations under contract with the California Department of Developmental Services to coordinate and provide community-based services to people with developmental disabilities in the Antelope Valley communities of Palmdale and Lancaster. The contract provides for year-round service.

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