BOSTON — Parents and grandparents here are calling for the city to place monitors and seat belts on all school buses in response to fights, bullying, and other inappropriate behavior on the buses, WFXT reports.

Joanne Lewis told the news source that her 5-year-old granddaughter dreads riding the school bus because fights break out, and she gets bullied and has come home with scratches. Mary Franklin, a grandmother and activist, told WFXT that after her 5-year old granddaughter was suspended from the bus, she wanted to understand why. She got on the bus and “was shocked at what she saw.”

Franklin has received support from state representative Russell Holmes on plans to present the city with Indya’s Law, named after her granddaughter, which calls for monitors and seat belts on every school bus. She added that backers of the law have reached out to large corporations, such as McDonalds, to get funding.

A spokesman for Boston Public Schools told the news source that there were 5,866 incidents reported on buses last year, and now, 37% of the district’s bus trips have monitors or attendants on board. He added that schools can request to add attendants to bus trips on a case-by-case basis.

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