GUTHRIE, Okla. — In two separate incidents that occurred exactly three months apart, a man here has crashed into two school buses, KFOR reports.

On May 4, Brian Downing crashed a rental truck into a special-needs school bus while it was picking up a student, according to the news source. Downing left the scene but was stopped by a police officer. A police report states that Downing was found with syringes, lighters, and rubber bands “used to tie off one’s arm,” according to KFOR. He was arrested and taken to the hospital before he was booked into jail. No one was injured in the crash.

The superintendent of Guthrie Public Schools told the news source that the crash knocked off part of a reflector, and that costs will be minimal.

Three months before last week’s crash, Downing ran a red light and hit a school bus that was transporting approximately 20 students, KFOR reports. No students were injured. Downing’s truck was damaged, and he received a citation for the crash, which caused more than $5,400 in damage to the bus, according to the news source.

Lt. Gary Haddock told KFOR that it doesn’t appear that Downing is targeting school buses, and that Downing said he had fallen asleep at the wheel before the most recent crash.

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