CORCORAN, Minn. — School bus driver and lifelong angler Perry Whitney has fostered enthusiasm for fishing among many young people over the years, and that includes some of the passengers on his bus, the Star Tribune reports.

Most recently, Whitney has taken three brothers from his special-needs bus route, along with their father, on weekend bass fishing trips. Omar, Justas, and Vanya Emery — all adopted from orphanages in different countries by Rick and Kay Emery — have been riding Whitney's bus for a few years, the Star Tribune reports. When the boys began asking him what he did over the weekend, Whitney would tell them that he went fishing, which apparently piqued their interest.

Whitney told the Star Tribune that on a recent expedition with the Emery brothers and their father, the boys' eyes lit up as each fish was reeled in. “Normally we release fish we catch," Whitney told the newspaper, "but the boys wanted to show their mom what they caught and have a fish fry.”

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