SPRINGBROOK, Wis. — A hunter and excavation company owner here has built a deer stand using a school bus, KARE reports.

Jesse Kauffman placed a 72-passenger school bus atop an old gas station tank to serve as a deer stand, using equipment from his business to build a temporary dirt ramp to extend to the top of the tank, according to the news source. Then, he pushed the bus up the ramp with a bulldozer. The stand is accessible by an old hay bale elevator extended from the ground to the front of the bus. The bus’ two dozen sliding windows and emergency door offer numerous positions for shooting, according to KARE.

The school bus-topped deer stand was in part inspired by a challenge from Kauffman’s father, who built his own deer stand with a small camper at the top. His father told him that he would never get a bus up that high, according to the newspaper.

The current deer stand was actually Kauffman’s second attempt, with the school bus from the first attempt lying in a heap at the base of the new stand, KARE reports.

To read the full story and see images of the school bus deer stand, go here.

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