OMAHA, Neb. — A student here was able to use lessons her mother taught her to help another student who was having a seizure on their school bus, KET7 reports.

Soon after the bus left a middle school parking lot, a young teenager on board began having a seizure, according to the news source. Amyhia Draper told KET7 that the boy fell over, and started shaking and choking, so she and another student turned him on his side. Draper’s mother, a daycare professional, taught her daughter what to do in such a situation and told the news source that Draper also knows how to administer CPR and first aid.

The boy and his mother told KET7 they are grateful for Draper’s help, but the boy’s family did question why the bus driver didn’t do more. Omaha Public Schools provided a comment to the news source that stated that “All drivers are instructed to contact dispatch to receive direction/instruction as well as to get 911 on the scene immediately if a student is experiencing a medical emergency on a school bus,” and that bus drivers are trained to “try to prevent the student from injury such as striking their head or body.”

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