A new installation method for Rotary’s heavy-duty in-ground lifts uses precast concrete vaults.

A new installation method for Rotary’s heavy-duty in-ground lifts uses precast concrete vaults.

MADISON, Ind. — Rotary Lift has developed a patent-pending installation method for heavy-duty in-ground lifts that can reduce installation time and improve environmental protection, according to the company.

Rotary said that the new method, which can be used for new construction and lift replacements, also makes it possible to install lifts in areas that were previously unavailable due to soil or groundwater issues.

Heavy-duty in-ground lifts are typically installed in concrete vaults that are poured in place using temporary forms for each lift. According to Rotary, pouring these huge concrete containments on-site requires considerable investment in highly skilled personnel, time, and construction material.

Instead of pouring vaults in place, Rotary’s new installation method uses precast concrete vaults. The vaults are made in advance at a concrete production facility, where concrete is poured into a reusable mold and cured in a controlled environment to Rotary’s specifications. The finished vaults are then delivered to the job site ready to install.

According to Rotary Lift, the precast solution takes less than two days per lift installation, instead of seven, because there is less prep work required and no curing time or rework needed. Also, the new method reportedly reduces excavation requirements and enhances safety, since no one needs to enter the pit during construction. Also, precast vaults can be installed regardless of weather.

“Our new heavy-duty in-ground lift installation method addresses concerns our customers have about downtime during construction,” said Larry Kendall, facility planner with Rotary Lift parent company Vehicle Service Group. “It also provides peace of mind, since each vault is built to our precise specifications and comes with a certificate stating its strength and composition up front.”

Customers can choose optional coatings for the inside and outside of their precast vaults to further protect the lifts against water, electrolysis, and chemical attack, according to the company. The precast vaults can be used in areas with high water tables and some soil issues where pour-in-place installation is not possible.

For more information about using a precast installation for heavy-duty lift projects, contact Larry Kendall at (800) 650-5438, ext. 5627, or Doug Spiller, heavy-duty product manager, at ext. 5526.

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