FRISCO, Texas — A shortage of bus drivers at a school district here has led to a crowded bus, causing some students to sit in the aisle or on a friend’s lap, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Parents have raised concerns about the bus with Frisco Independent School District and shared photos and videos that students took on the bus, which transports high school students, according to the newspaper.

Amanda McCune, the director of communications for the district, told The Dallas Morning News that several of the district’s campuses have double routes, with buses making a second trip to pick up students who weren’t able to fit on the first bus. She added that the district has a shortage of about 30 bus drivers and is trying to hire more drivers.

McCune also told the newspaper that the district tries to adhere to a policy of a limit of 54 students at the high school level on a bus — which is below the limit of 71 passengers set by state law — but sometimes exceeds 54. That means that some seats will have three students. A student told The Dallas Morning News that some students won’t make room for a third person.  

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