GROVELAND, Ill. — A man who had driven around a stopped special-needs bus out of impatience aimed to make up for it by paving the driveway at the home of the student he saw leaving the bus in a wheelchair that day, Peoria Journal Star reports.

Andy Wagenbach recently found himself stuck in traffic behind the bus, which was stopped in front of a house, where a girl with a wheelchair was let out of the bus, and an older woman was pushing her along a gravel driveway, according to the newspaper. Out of impatience, Wagenbach waited for the stop arm to retract, then drove around the traffic behind the bus.

He felt badly about his lack of patience in that moment, and thought about the girl “struggling over that gravel, but smiling all the time,” and decided to make up for it. He stopped at the house and asked if he could come back soon. Days later, he returned to the house with a crew from Wagenbach Builders of Pekin, his family business, according to Peoria Journal Star.

The crew turned most of the gravel driveway into a concrete path, and added a path that connects to a previous walkway. The new driveway and path provides easier travel for 8-year-old Lane, who has cerebral palsy, and Judy Clemons, her grandmother and caretaker, the news source reports.  

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