<p>Amber Marie Power, a driver for Stock Transportation, earned an award from the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority for her efforts to ensure the well-being of a passenger.</p>

OTTAWA, Ontario — When a passenger on her school bus needed a new EpiPen, Amber Marie Power went out of her way to ensure the student’s well-being.

Power, a school bus driver for Stock Transportation, was recently recognized for her efforts with the “Going the Extra Mile Award” from the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority.

One of Power’s students boarded her bus as he usually does after school, but on this day she noticed that he did not have his EpiPen pouch around his waist. The driver learned that he had broken it in school that day.

Power knew that the student’s safety and health depended on the EpiPen, which injects epinephrine to treat serious allergic reactions. Before leaving the school, Power spoke with the student’s teacher to ensure that he had a new EpiPen for the ride home.

After learning about the situation, the student’s mother emailed the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority to share her appreciation for Power’s dedication to her son’s well-being. That prompted the agency to honor the driver with its annual Going the Extra Mile Award.

Vicky Kyriaco, general manager for the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority, said that Power “demonstrates leadership and presence of mind for other drivers and makes a real difference in the lives of the little ones she transports.”

Power has driven for Stock Transportation, which is a division of National Express, for about eight years. Ron Grenier, general manager for Stock, pointed to Power’s outstanding performance and commitment to the job.

“She has an exceptional safety track record and has never missed a day of work,” Grenier said. “Her dedication to her students’ safety is a true example of Stock’s mission of getting students to school safely, on time, and ready to learn.”

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