<p>The purple area in this map shows the new &ldquo;limited transportation zone&rdquo; &mdash; with a radius of about 1 mile &mdash; around Jeffersonville High School.</p>
JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. — A school district here has added back some bus stops around one of its high schools, modifying an earlier plan for a “no-transportation zone.”

Greater Clark County Schools announced that it will now implement a “limited-transportation zone" — with a radius of about 1 mile — around Jeffersonville High School starting with the 2018-19 school year.

The district had previously planned to make that area an expanded no-transportation zone, within which students would not have received school bus service. That plan, which had been expected to directly affect about 160 students, was changed to the limited-transportation zone concept after parents voiced concerns.

Greater Clark County Schools had noted on its website that many neighboring school districts have no-transportation zones of 2 miles around their high schools. Greater Clark County Schools has decided to cap its no-transportation zones at 1 mile for all of its schools.

Twelve of Greater Clark’s schools have a 1-mile no-transportation zone in which families have to make alternative arrangements for their students to get to school. With the new limited-transportation zone for Jeffersonville High School, the district will still provide bus service, but with fewer stops.

“This means that students in the [limited-transportation zone] may have to walk a short distance to a designated bus stop,” the district explained on its website.

The change comes as Greater Clark County Schools deals with growth, increased traffic, and construction in the Jeffersonville area, factors that the district said have led to buses running late for middle and elementary schools. Also, like many other districts across the country, Greater Clark has been experiencing a shortage of school bus drivers.

The new limited-transportation zone around Jeffersonville High School will condense bus runs, which the district expects to help address the bus timing and driver shortage issues.

Greater Clark said that the limited-transportation zone “is currently the best course of action to provide district transportation to our [Jeffersonville High School] students, while also resolving our need to get middle and elementary students to school in a timely fashion with our challenge of needing more bus drivers.”

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