FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Ind. — Video from a nearby home reportedly shows a school bus driver refusing to let two students board the bus because they were not waiting for her at the stop, RTV reports.

Jacob Parham told the news source that his son and a neighbor’s child had ran to catch the bus, but as they were getting ready to board, the driver shut the door and drove off. Parham said he had reached out to the Franklin Township Community Schools transportation department and the school to find out why the bus driver would be allowed to leave, according to RTV 6.

The director of transportation for the school district said that their policy is for students to be at the bus stop five to 10 minutes before their pickup time so students can avoid the dangers of running to catch the bus, the news source reports. The director also told RTV 6 that Parham’s son and the other student had been told more than once about the department's bus pickup policy.

Parham told the news source another school bus driver was able to stop and transport the two boys after the first driver left.

The director of transportation told RTV 6 that the bus driver who left the students is being disciplined and will be required to complete additional training.

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