LAMPASAS, Texas — A report has found that a school bus that was involved in a recent crash in which it hydroplaned and overturned had been traveling too fast for conditions, according to the Associated Press.

As SBF previously reported, the principal of the Cleveland Elementary School in Norman, Oklahoma, was driving the bus to SeaWorld in San Antonio on Sept. 29 when the back end hydroplaned into northbound traffic, and the driver attempted to correct, which caused the bus to roll over. A total of 27 passengers, except the driver, were taken to the hospital.

A Texas Department of Transportation report stated that the bus crossed into the wrong lane, and that the driver lost control because he overcorrected and was traveling at an unsafe speed for conditions, according to the Associated Press.

Officials told the Associated Press that the citation does not necessarily mean that the driver was speeding. Records show that the driver was current on his training and had a valid license to drive the bus, according to the news source.

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