<p>Baron's&nbsp;Threat Net&nbsp;allows users to monitor weather and safety for situational awareness by location.</p>
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Baron, a provider of critical weather solutions, has introduced a new suite of products for active weather monitoring and forecasting tools for public safety.

Baron's Threat Net features operations center, mobile and web-based accessibility. The suite of products allows users to monitor weather and safety for situational awareness by location, and includes custom alerts, such as Baron’s location-based pinpoint alerting and standard alerts from the National Weather Service that can be delivered via in-app notifications, push or text notifications, and email.

Baron’s technology is designed to be user friendly and accessible to customers who might not have any meteorological background, and can be used in a variety of public safety settings such as schools, according to the company.

Baron’s Threat Net features high-resolution, customizable mapping down to street level, a full-screen interactive mode, storm vectors enabling storm tracking up to an hour in advance, and a critical weather indicator that warns users in real time of dangerous storm situations.

In addition, Baron’s Threat Net has a tropical weather package that provides data on hurricanes and their unique features, as well as hurricane tracking and forecasting tools. The Threat Net also can provide public safety information on non-weather environmental threats such as HAZMAT disasters by determining rain or wind conditions that may spread chemical spills, and toxic smoke and gasses.

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