WHITE PIGEON, Mich. — A school district here has purchased 400 flashing reflectors to improve school bus stop safety for students, WWMT reports.

Students are expected to wear the reflectors, which offer three light settings — a fast flash, a slower flash, and constant light — on the left shoulder strap of their backpack, according to the news source.

Kendra Jones, the transportation director for White Pigeon Community Schools, told WWMT that the idea for the reflectors, which cost about 90 cents a piece, was inspired by a similar effort at another school district and how one morning during this school year she was filling in for a bus driver and saw firsthand how difficult it was to see students during the winter. Jones also told the news source that two district employees paid for the devices, and that the district would consider purchasing them for students who walk to school.

Jon Keyer, the superintendent for White Pigeon Community Schools, pointed to darkness, snow, ice, and fog being factors in visibility of students and added that the drivers have enough difficulties to deal with as it is, according to WWMT, so anything they can do to help the drivers protect the students is a plus. He also told the news source that the reflectors add another level of safety for students.

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