ATHENS, Texas — The crash report released by police on the Jan. 25 collision between a freight train and a school bus that killed one student finds that the bus driver stopped before the railroad crossing, KETK reports.

The report from the Athens Police Department states that the bus driver, John Stevens, 78, stopped right before the tracks as state law requires, and then pulled forward, according to the news source. At that point, as SBF previously reported, the bus was struck on its left side by a Union Pacific train, became lodged onto the locomotive, and then the bus and train traveled about one-quarter of a mile down the railroad tracks. One student, Christopher Bonilla, 13, was killed, and another student, Joselyne Torres, 9, was critically injured. The bus driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The train had driven around a curve, which made it difficult to see, according to KETK.

Police told the news source that the bus hit several signs and railroad gates as it was being pushed down the tracks, causing further damage.

The crash report is being sent to the Henderson County District Attorney, KETK reports, and it is unclear whether charges will be filed.

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