SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Lawmakers here introduced two bills on Wednesday that would require internal and external video camera systems on school buses.

Assembly Bill 934, introduced by assembly member Mike Gipson, would require all school buses, school pupil activity buses, youth buses, and child care motor vehicles to have internal video systems, and would require all school buses with stop arms to have an external video system. School officials would be required to monitor the cameras and notify law enforcement of any safety violations. The offending vehicles would then be fined, and school districts would receive a portion of those fines.

Senate Bill 371, proposed by Sen. Anna Caballero, would authorize school districts to install and operate external video cameras as a way to catch motorists that illegally drive past stopped school buses. The cameras would capture the vehicle’s make and model, color, and license plate displayed, but would not include any images of the motorist or other individuals within the vicinity of the vehicle. School buses that have the video camera systems would also require additional signage.

In addition, SB 371 would allow school districts to install an extended secondary stop arm on buses that are driven on two-lane highways and highways in rural areas of the state. The stop arms would extend between 3 and 6 feet from the side of the bus.

Both AB 934 and SB 371 are currently awaiting referral, according to the state’s legislative website.

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