RUSH, N.Y. — A 10-year-old student was hit by a vehicle while boarding a school bus here on Tuesday, police said.

Capt. Paul DeLella of Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said in a news conference, according to the Democrat & Chronicle, that the student was getting on the bus on East River Rd. near Telephone Rd., when a vehicle came around the passenger side of the bus and struck her, causing her to land on the hood of the vehicle. DeLella added that the student was transported to the hospital with complaints of a sore leg, but did not have any major injuries.

The bus driver had used the bus’s yellow hazard lights, and then activated the bus’s red lights and stop arms when it stopped to pick up the student, the Democrat & Chronicle reports. Investigators told WHAM that the driver of the vehicle, Kathleen Brady, 48, was traveling behind the bus, was unable to stop in time, and tried to avoid oncoming traffic by swerving to the right of the bus. Brady was issued two tickets for driving at an unsafe speed/not prudent for conditions and passing a stopped school bus, according to WHAM.

Rush-Henrietta Central School District released a statement on its website on Tuesday regarding the incident. The district shared in the statement various reminders for school bus safety, including that motorists must stop for school buses with their red lights flashing, even on divided and multi-lane highways, and on school grounds, and that they must stop when approaching the bus from the front or behind. The district also listed in the statement the consequences for a first time offense for illegally passing a school bus: a $250 to $400 fine, five points on a driver’s license, and/or 30 days in jail.

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