MONMOUTH, Ill. — Video taken by a bystander on Wednesday shows a school bus driver driving through flood waters, reportedly with students on board, WGNO reports.

Trista Ross took video of the flooding outside her home on Wednesday morning and spotted the driver plowing through the water, which she told the news source was touching the bottom of the stop signs. She added that other motorists tried to drive through the intersection and one car stalled there on Wednesday afternoon.

Later that morning, the video was sent to Monmouth-Roseville School District #238, according to WGNO. Edward Fletcher, the superintendent for the district told the news source that when he saw the video he “was pretty upset” when he found out it was the district’s bus and that there were students aboard. He added that no students were hurt, no water got into the bus, and that the situation is being addressed per the school’s policy.

Fletcher also told the news source that the bus driver thought he could drive through the flood waters. “I never would've come to that conclusion, nor [do] I think many other drivers [would]," he added.

To read the full story and watch the video, obtained by WGNO, go here.

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